we’re a team, a couple of photographers, a couple; and we’re husband & wife.

two artists, with two very different perspectives. we’re both full time professional photographers with registered businesses. currently residing on the beautiful west coast of Newfoundland; but of course… an airport is only thirty minutes away.

– Candace & Dru


  1. Dianne Kennedy

    Love it !!

  2. Alicia Price

    Candace & Dru, you should have a testimonials page because I am certain it would blow up with amazing reviews. Here is mine:

    Candace & Dru are so amazing that I changed my wedding date just so I could book them to be my photographers. These two have a way of making you feel so natural when you’re in front of their lenses. But when you see the actual image, you look like you’re worth a million bucks! They were open to many of our suggestions, but in the end, I left it all in their capable hands. They did not disappoint. My husband & I will continue to use Candace & Dru to capture lifes big moments (maternity shots when the time comes, family shots, etc.). As well, we recommend them to all our loved ones! Keep up the fantastic work guys. You da best! haha :)


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