featured: styled in lace.

In case you missed it, we were recently featured on Styled in Lace! SIL is a fantastic blog operated by Colleen Fiske, which provides mountains of information if you’re looking to plan a wedding here on the east coast of Canada. We’ve been long time browsers of the site so it was an honour to see our work as a post! Ledon & Trevor’s wedding was originally featured here on Cunning & Kennedy here. A huge thank you to SIL! Candace & Dru

ledon + trevor: grand falls theatre wedding.

we apologize for the radio silence. the truth is, we’ve been at weddings. and working our tails off. we’ve even gotten married too. to the two 27″ iMac’s that we eat sleep and breathe at. (aren’t I funny? no?) seriously though, this year should be named The Year With All The Weddings. Or, if you’re into even more lengthy titles: The Year With All The Amazing Weddings: Such As This Couple Who Got Married In a Movie Theater While Their Guests Ate Popcorn. and the bride looked like a mermaid, and the groom looked like he walked off the set…