erika + chris: bottle cove wedding.

the JP that delivered this ceremony said it best: these two don’t just love each other, they also really LIKE each other too. and as funny as that sounds it’s totally true. they’re as much best friends as they are husband and wife – and that’s how it should be.

emily + oliver: codroy valley wedding.

newfoundland is amazing. shoot a wedding in codroy valley, breath-taking. drive ten minutes to the wreckhouse area, looks completely different. (so epic). wait ten minutes, and it looks like the weather has completely changed. (thats newfoundland for you). and we love it. and all of the people we met at this wedding – oliver and emily especially. and ross – dru says to not forget ross. he’s still talking about that beard!

leanne + taylor: moncton wedding.

wedding’s always move me, I’ll admit that from the get go. but this one was different… and i’ve never had a harder – and at the same time, easier – time holding up my camera and finding the emotion we always aim to capture. (harder only because I was crying my face off. I think I even startled dru. multiple times.) why? because what we were capturing this time has been near and dear to me for almost ten years. WHAT. leanne and I have been friends since junior high and she has a personality that’s one in a billion….