if you’re looking to contact us directly, our email addresses are:

if you’d like to check us out on our websites/facebook/instagram to see some more of our work individually, our pages are:


– Candace & Dru


  1. Krystal Rice

    Just wondering your prices/packages, We’re planning on getting married in Newfoundland on the west coast (birchy lake) summer 2015 I’ve been looking at your website and you guys do an awesome job! Thanks!

    1. hey krystal,

      thanks so much! so happy to hear you like our work. if you send one of us an email we can send along our pricing PDF. also – birchy lake is gorgeous!

      thanks again,

      dru & candace

  2. Cristina

    Hi I was referred to you by few people and I was inquiring about your services prices etc. I see that you do beautiful work.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you .


    1. hey cristina!

      send us an email ( or and we’ll get right back to you. thanks so much!

  3. Hi guys just wondering what your wedding package prices are and what they include? I getting married in port Saunders nl this summer and am looking for a photographer to shoot our big day. Please let me know if this is something that you might be interested in. Thanks in advance!

    1. hey cortney! send us an email to or and we can sort you out. thanks!


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