sarah + brad: bottle cove engagement.

BradSarah_BLOG-1 BradSarah_BLOG-2 BradSarah_BLOG-3 BradSarah_BLOG-40 BradSarah_BLOG-4 BradSarah_BLOG-5 BradSarah_BLOG-6 BradSarah_BLOG-7 BradSarah_BLOG-8 BradSarah_BLOG-9 BradSarah_BLOG-10 BradSarah_BLOG-12 BradSarah_BLOG-13 BradSarah_BLOG-14 BradSarah_BLOG-41 BradSarah_BLOG-15 BradSarah_BLOG-16 BradSarah_BLOG-17 BradSarah_BLOG-18 BradSarah_BLOG-19 BradSarah_BLOG-20 BradSarah_BLOG-21 BradSarah_BLOG-22 BradSarah_BLOG-23 BradSarah_BLOG-24 BradSarah_BLOG-25 BradSarah_BLOG-26 BradSarah_BLOG-28 BradSarah_BLOG-29 BradSarah_BLOG-30 BradSarah_BLOG-42 BradSarah_BLOG-31 BradSarah_BLOG-32 BradSarah_BLOG-33 BradSarah_BLOG-34 BradSarah_BLOG-35 it’s rare for us to get to spend so much time with a couple and really explore the surrounding area, so this in itself was wonderful. that – and these two are two of the most down to earth, kind, and considerate (especially to each other!) people there are out there.

sarah & brad, thanks again! you are amazing.


  1. Very nicely done

    1. thanks Pete!! really appreciated!


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