meagan + nim: west coast wedding preview.

Cunning&Kennedy_MN-1Cunning&Kennedy_MN-2Cunning&Kennedy_MN-3Cunning&Kennedy_MN-4Cunning&Kennedy_MN-5Cunning&Kennedy_MN-6Cunning&Kennedy_MN-7Cunning&Kennedy_MN-8Cunning&Kennedy_MN-9Cunning&Kennedy_MN-10Cunning&Kennedy_MN-11Cunning&Kennedy_MN-12Cunning&Kennedy_MN-13Cunning&Kennedy_MN-14Cunning&Kennedy_MN-15Cunning&Kennedy_MN-16Cunning&Kennedy_MN-17Cunning&Kennedy_MN-18Cunning&Kennedy_MN-19Cunning&Kennedy_MN-20Cunning&Kennedy_MN-28Cunning&Kennedy_MN-21Cunning&Kennedy_MN-22Cunning&Kennedy_MN-23Cunning&Kennedy_MN-24megan nim-1

these guys… we don’t even know where to start. not only did meagan pull up to the ceremony with the Harry Potter theme song BLARING (yes, our hearts grew three sizes) but it was the biggest, most genuine celebration all day long. oh, and it was totally the best dance party the Humber Valley dance floor has ever seen.

all the love, you two. your wedding went down in the books.


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