adam + danielle: little bay islands.


so, we’re going a little off book here, but we couldn’t help ourselves. this session was shot the week after Adam and Danielle’s wedding on the beautiful Little Bay Island – or more affectionally amongst the locals, LBI.

its not often we get to see couples after the wedding when things have slowed considerably, so it was an honor to be invited out to shoot a few photos for Danielle in a place her family has such a history with.

the fact that we were taken on a sea-kayak trip to see the icebergs, shown the family home that had originally belonged to the doctor on the island (built in the late 1880’s!) and were treated to supper and drinks… well, that was a considerable bonus. ; ) thank you times a million for having us you guys, and for being such wonderful hosts + beautiful people!



  1. This is so deadly! You two are amazing and extremely talented people! I can’t thank you, Candace and Dru, enough for the energy and passionate presence you brought to our wedding. It was great to spend some time getting to know you both. Looking forward to setting up a Corner Brook/Marble rendezvous.


    1. Anytime, wonderful human(s). It was truly our pleasure, so thank you so much for having us!


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