M + S; bottle cove elopement.

MSM-2MSM-3MSM-4MSM-5MSM-1MSM-6MSM-7MSM-8MSM-9MSM-10MSM-11MSM-12MSM-14MSM-15MSM-16MSM-17MSM-18MSM-19MSM-20MSM-21MSM-22MSM-23MSM-24MSM-25MSM-26MSM-27MSM-28MSM-29MSM-30MSM-31MSM-32MSM-33MSM-34MSM-35MSM-36MSM-37MSM-38MSM-40MSM-41MSM-42MSM-43MSM-44so honoured to have been a part of such a magical day! this bottle cove elopement featured immediate family, some of the most thoughtful vows we’ve ever heard, and landscapes & light that were nothing short of a photographers dream. meg, steve, and macy… THANK YOU.

One Comment

  1. Sarah White

    Absolutely amazing!!!!! First of all, the most beautiful subjects to photography, top that with the scenery and your amazing skill!? I’m so happy to have you guys for my wedding 🙌🏼😄❤️


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